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Top tips for aspiring heads

Virtual course

8 October

An overview on the importance of developing a circle of trust and support during your journey into leadership through coaching, mentoring and investment in oneself. Danielle will present an open and honest look into leadership and the fundamental magic ingredients involved in achieving your full potential.

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Ofsted Update

13 October, Manchester

This course will enable school leaders to manage and reduce the stress associated with school inspection, through excellent leadership practice, embedding school improvement into the annual quality cycle and taking account of best practice. The course will include the latest updates on Ofsted pilot visits while inspections are suspended allowing you the opportunity to examine each aspect of inspection in relation to your own school. In doing so, you will be able to learn how to improve all aspects of school leadership and ensure that the education your pupils receive is the best experience possible.


FREE COURSE: Organisational Well-being

Virtual course

18 October

This course will provide you with a practical session with a firm underpinning in contemporary research, examining practical realities around well-being of both leaders and your colleagues. The session will present a series of models which can be used with staff to promote practices and ultimately keep great teachers and leaders happily in the profession.


SEND Conference 2021

New perspectives on Neurodiversity – Needs, names and knowledge

Manchester & Virtual conference

20 October

SEND Conference 2021 will bring together all three services – education, health and care – to reflect on the changing landscape in neurodiversity, including a focus on lesser known conditions and syndromes with a genetic or chromosomal basis.

All content will be available to conference delegates on demand for 30 days after the event.


Appraisal and difficult conversations

Virtual course

21 October

As a staff appraiser, you have additional responsibilities in supporting colleagues who may be experiencing difficulties and in making recommendations for pay progression for all teachers on all pay ranges. This interactive course provides the appraiser with an opportunity to practise the skills and gain confidence in handling difficult conversations effectively, objectively and unemotionally.  Appraisers need the confidence to be honest in their judgements in all situations and to be competent in holding difficult conversations and acting in a timely way when concerns arise.


Financial transparency for maintained schools

Virtual course

3 November

This course will give you the tools to review your current operational structures. By analysing internal teaching, learning and support structures, you can develop an operational model that is both optimal to present circumstances and also sustainable into the future.

This training will support you to identify how you can work collaboratively with other local schools to maximise economies of scale in both staffing and resources.


Early Years and Primary conferences 2021

Birmingham and virtual conference

10 November

Join us this November for our Early Years and Primary Conferences. With the Early Years conference starting on 10 November followed by Primary conference on 11 November, each day has been designed for those working in the early years and primary phases and is a two-day event not to be missed.

This is a unique opportunity for school leaders, leadership teams, teachers and support staff to reflect on and develop policy and practice in their school or setting across both phases, making sure that the learning journey continues seamlessly for children as they move through school.

Our keynote speakers and workshops across both days have been carefully chosen to inform and inspire delegates, provoke discussion and debate, highlight the very latest and best research and pedagogy in early years and primary education.

We appreciate that, for some people, the time and money spent attending conferences virtually has been a positive experience. Therefore, in addition to the face-to-face ticket, we will be offering a virtual conference ticket at a discounted rate.

For colleagues that span both primary and early years phases the Early Years Conference will be running the previous day in the same venue at the Primary Conference.


Leading school safeguarding – DSL team training

Virtual course

17 November

This course will bring Senior school staff and safeguarding governors completely up to date with current safeguarding legislation. Delegates will learn about updates within KCSIE September 2020 and the implications for safeguarding within the new inspection framework including specific advice on implementing the new behaviour criteria.

Delegates will also focus on the leadership aspects of safeguarding within school, how best to train school staff in safeguarding and how to enhance your early help strategies within school.


Planning for the future

Virtual course

19 November

This course will provide you with tools to plan your future, to put you in control of the next phase of your life. In order to plan your future, you need to understand the options available to you, and these can be more extensive than you think. The course will explore these options which can range from retiring and taking your pension as soon as possible, to changing your current working arrangements for more free time, and many other options in-between.


Growing a successful and financially viable Multi-Academy Trust

Virtual course

24 November

This online course is for schools that are considering starting a new multi-academy trust or new trusts that are considering the options available to grow. Delegates will be given the opportunity to discuss the different options available to grow and how to create a sustainable infrastructure for long-term success and financial viability.


How do I make my school brilliant?

Virtual course

25 November


Working with the media: top tips and hazards to avoid

Virtual course

2 December

Dealing with the media is an essential item in the school leaders’ toolkit. It may come more naturally than you think because school leaders have many of the skills to be a successful media communicator already. This course aims to give you the confidence to make the most of media opportunities and stay out of trouble in a crisis.


An introduction to executive headship

Virtual course

8 December

This course will focus on the role of the executive head teacher, offering practical advice on how head teachers can formulate a long-term plan to up-skill in preparation for this change in focus and career.

Delegates will reflect on how the role of executive head teacher differs from the role of head teacher in a single school. You will consider how to form a multi-academy trust ensuring it is efficient, effective and financially viable. This course will also consider teaching and support staff structures in more than one school to ascertain whether they are “future proofed” and financially sustainable into the future.


Impact of effective PSHE on behaviour, well-being and attainment

Virtual course

10 December

This half-day online course delivered by Coram Life Education & SCARF will provide delegates with evidence-based, key principles for embedding a whole-school approach to PSHE.

Children’s emotional health and wellbeing has a huge impact on their ability to learn, their behaviour and achievement. A whole-school approach, underpinned by strong leadership and management, is key to achieving this.