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Pathway: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

10 November at 4pm

Teaching is an act of the people, every act in schools and in classrooms has a wide reaching impact. All aspects of school are impacted by equality, diversity and inclusion, from attendance and pastoral to outcomes. Are we creating school and societal environments where all people are truly included?

In this fireside chat, experienced senior leader, academic and anti-oppression educator Pranav Patel will discuss his NAHT Discovery Education Pathway course ‘Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion’, which is designed to challenge you and everything you have learned up to this point.

This session will be available on demand.

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Weaving diversity and inclusion into the curriculum

24 November at 3pm

“International education comparisons based on narrow skills will become increasingly meaningless. We need to champion a new kind of learning; one which values teamwork, creativity and the diversity of opinion held within our classrooms. We need to educate our children to think more critically, more ethically and become more geo-politically aware.”

– Global Challenges Insight Report: The Future of Jobs 2017

Who will deliver the webinar?

The session will be delivered by Nav Sanghara, Director of Education at Inspire Partnership Trust in south London and Penny Rabiger, Director of Engagement at Lyfta.

What will the webinar cover?

Nav Sanghara will outline briefly the Inspire Partnership Trust curriculum model, which ensures pupils develop core knowledge and skills leading to high quality learning outcomes, as well as developing pupils’ confidence to make a difference in the world.

Penny Rabiger will outline how using the Lyfta platform has served to enhance Inspire Partnership’s curriculum even further, by bringing to life elements of their learning through human stories, explorable 360 degree environments and a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants will be invited to take part in a British Council funded Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning course and to try Lyfta’s immersive platform for themselves. They will also be given access to Inspire Partnership’s curriculum map and other useful resources for inspiration.