Catch up: Changing the Narrative around Professional Development

An on-demand event jointly hosted by the NAHT and Discovery Education.


In this webinar, Andrew Hammond talks to Kirsten Marriott, Headteacher at Hemingford Grey Primary, and her Deputy Headteacher, Danielle Jones. Together they look at the deliberate steps Kirsten and her team are taking to rethink professional development in their school. Topics covered will include: how to balance whole-school appraisal targets with bespoke goals that raise engagement and motivation; changing the culture of appraisal to one of ownership and personal investment; taking a deeper dive into the performance management process.

Kirsten recently purchased Pathway for her teachers and she will share her hopes and expectations for how the programme will support the professional and personal development of her staff.

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Kirsten Marriott:

Kirsten has been working in education for 21 years and as a Headteacher, she believes best part of her job is growing and developing others. This started in the classroom with children and as she took on leadership roles, this transferred to developing staff. She believes that effective CPD that has impact on school development and improves pupil outcomes. Much of Kirsten’s teaching career was in Early Years and KS1 and she is passionate about making education great, early on in children’s lives. Kirsten’s greatest ambition for her school is to ensure that all pupils receive every opportunity to be responsible and respectful future citizens of the world.


Danielle Jones:

Danielle, Deputy head, has been working in education for 12 years. Her passion lies in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the pupils, staff, families and wider community. Her knowledge of the restorative behaviour approach underpins the school’s value system and has supports building great relationships with all stakeholders. Danielle dedicates time and effort into building strong partnerships with parents/carers as co-educators of children. Danielle’s greatest ambition for her school is to meet the 21st century needs of the school community with a compassionate and ambitious person centred approach, so that everyone feels, seen, heard and valued.