Winter and Spring CPD

Please note: all CPD courses will take place virtually.


Ofsted Update – Reducing the stress and workload associated with Ofsted inspections
12 January 2021 
This course will enable school leaders to manage and reduce the stress associated with school inspection, through excellent leadership practice, embedding school improvement into the annual quality cycle and taking account of best practice. The course will include the latest updates on Ofsted allowing you the opportunity to examine each aspect of inspection in relation to your own school. In doing so, you will be able to learn how to improve all aspects of school leadership and ensure that the education your pupils receive is the best experience possible.
Facilitator – Philippa Ollerhead
FREE COURSE: Supporting your recovery – Building your resilience
19 January 2021 
This course will focus on supporting School Leaders to increase capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances whilst maintaining stable mental well-being.
Facilitator – Sharon Hennam-Dale


Successful system leadership techniques
20 January 2021 
Supporting school leaders in looking beyond school-level expertise and understanding the need to consider issues across a family of schools.
Facilitator – Philippa Ollerhead


FREE COURSE: Building empathy, understanding and sustainable thinking
21 January 2021 

A session delivered by our partner Lyfta as a way to bring diversity into the classroom to support the school ethos around the importance of global learning and empathy.

Lyfta is an award-winning digital learning platform to broaden horizons and bring learning to life.

Facilitator – Dr Harriet Marshall, Head of Educational Research at Lyfta


Top tips for aspiring heads
24 January 2021 
This course will provide an overview on the importance of developing a circle of trust and support during your journey into leadership through coaching, mentoring and investment in oneself. Danielle will present an open and honest look into leadership and the fundamental magic ingredients involved in achieving your full potential.
Facilitator – Danielle Lewis-Egonu
FREE COURSE – Taking Care of Yourself
26 January 2021 
Supporting school leaders to identify and reflect on triggers or early warning signs to put a personal well-being plan in place to manage their well-being.
Facilitator – Dr Emma Kell & Adrian Bethune


Planning for the future
4 February 2021 
This course will provide you with tools to plan your future, to put you in control of the next phase of your life. In order to plan your future, you need to understand the options available to you, and these can be more extensive than you think. Explore these options which can range from retiring and taking your pension as soon as possible, to changing your current working arrangements for more free time, and many other options in-between.
Facilitators – Kate Atkinson, Liam McIlvenny and colleagues from NAHT Personal Financial Services (Skipton Building Society)
Parental complaints – the art of the possible
4 February 2021 
Supporting school leaders in dealing with parental complaints, (including remote-learning as applicable) and concerns with confidence and ensuring their school’s complaints policy meets their school community’s needs.
Facilitators – Guy Dudley and Richard Shakespeare


Leading school safeguarding – DSL team training 
17 February 2021 
This course brings the designated safeguarding team staff and safeguarding governors completely up to date with current safeguarding legislation. Delegates will learn about the key updates within Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) September 2021 and the implications for safeguarding within the inspection framework including specific advice on implementing the new behaviour criteria and supporting the well-being agenda.
Facilitator – Philippa Ollerhead


Leading for sustainability 
18 February 2021 
In Leadership for Sustainability, David Dixon draws on his doctoral research and experience as a cross-phase head teacher to set out how school leaders can embed tried and tested eco-friendly practices within the school setting that can also be central to overall school improvement, including that recognised by inspectors. David weaves his guidance around the ‘Five Cs of Sustainability’ – captaincy, curriculum, campus, community, and connections – to position sustainability as a natural vehicle for developing a type of fully integrated learning ecology and culture for the benefit of all.
Facilitator – Dr David Dixon


Menopause – The workplace challenge
9 March 2021 

The teaching profession is a female dominated one, particularly in classrooms and the primary sector.

Schools are key employers, and teachers and support staff have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment, one in which an inclusive culture is both celebrated and cultivated.

Understanding the impact of menopause symptoms is everyone’s responsibility. This session supports school leaders in raising their awareness and understanding in order for their whole workforce to thrive.

Facilitators – Kathryn Colas and Angela Hobbs

Leading investigations for disciplinary and grievance
11 March 2021 
This course covers key techniques and procedures to support school leaders in considering all the critical factors in undertaking a formal process in a fair and un-biased manner.
Facilitators – Philippa Ollerhead


Appraisals and difficult conversations
18 March 2021 
As a staff appraiser, you have additional responsibilities in supporting colleagues who may be experiencing difficulties and in making recommendations for pay progression for all teachers on all pay ranges. This interactive course provides the appraiser with an opportunity to practise the skills and gain confidence in handling difficult conversations effectively, objectively and unemotionally.  Appraisers need the confidence to be honest in their judgements in all situations and to be competent in holding difficult conversations and acting in a timely way when concerns arise.
Facilitator – Beverley Haywood


Primary literacy: Educating evidence-based practice
24 March 2021 
On 10/07/21 the DfE published ‘The Reading Framework; teaching the foundations of Literacy’. This session identifies the key elements of the framework, helping school leaders to evaluate their teaching of early reading and employ evidence-based practice to support all pupils to achieve fluency in reading, improving outcomes both at school and in later life.
Facilitator – Megan Dixon


The impact of the on-line world for young people
25 March 2021 
Support for school leaders in understanding that when used properly the internet is a wonderfully positive tool for children and young people. This session supports school leaders in taking a balanced approach, making sure that the positive opportunities are promoted as well as responding to the risks and equipping children and young people to deal with them.


What kind of business leader are you?
30 March 2021 

Supporting SBLs to understand the ‘Values and Ethics’ section of the ISBL Professional Standards which all are expected to be familiar with and apply with a specific focus on Governance.

Facilitator – Philippa Ollerhead