Conversation is key

When it comes to your finances, conversation is key.

We know it isn’t easy opening up about financial matters – with ‘money’ remaining one of the least talked about topics in the UK.

Throw in the pressures and time constraints of being a school leader – and discussing your finances can prove even more challenging. Worryingly, 93% of teachers don’t know how much to put aside for a comfortable retirement.

But broaching the subject and talking about money is important for your health, wealth and relationships. It doesn’t have to take long either.

Through a quick and simple chat, Skipton Building Society – our trusted partner – are here to help you break the stigma and feel more in control of your finances. After offering clear, personalised financial advice for over 30 years, they’re experts in financial planning.

Conversation can help you think differently

According to Andrew Connally, a financial adviser at Skipton, having key conversations can help you, “see things in a different light – so you can make better financial decisions.”

It’s easy to speak to someone at Skipton. Be it a customer adviser – or financial adviser if you’d like further support. They’re available over the phone, via video or in branch – and are trained to help you feel comfortable when chatting to them about your financial plans.

Andrew explains, “Through simple discussions, we can help you explore your options and determine whether you’re organising your finances in a way that’s right for you. Hopefully you can go away and think, ‘I haven’t thought about it like that before.’ Without having these discussions, you’d probably never know.”

Recognising the challenges people face when it comes to financial planning, Andrew states, “In terms of areas like accessing pensions, people don’t always understand the rules or know where to find the answers.

“Equally, those with a deeper understanding, who know where to access information, may not be getting the right information for them.” Through conversation, Skipton can help you get the financial support you need in a range of areas.

How financial advice can help

Financial advice is here to assist you in so many ways. Through Skipton, you can receive affordable advice that’s suitable for you – and you don’t have to travel for it. You can chat to them, and review your plans, in a way that fits around your gruelling schedule.

Reflecting on some of the benefits of financial advice, Andrew explains, “Seeking advice can support you with a range of important financial needs – some of which you may find hard to think about. For instance, if you and your partner were no longer around, what provisions do you need to put in place for your children? Without an adviser, you may miss out on these key conversations.”

Through a review, Skipton can review your existing savings, investments and pensions – and help you put plans in place as early as possible. So that you have more options to choose from later in life.

Andrew concludes, “We don’t make the decisions for you. We’re simply here to provide guidance and information you need to feel more confident financially.”

Why it’s important to talk money

Recent Money and Pensions Services research has revealed:

  • 5 million adults have less than £100 in savings and investments
  • 22 million working-age adults don’t feel they understand enough about pensions to make decisions about saving for retirement
  • 5 million older people in retirement aren’t satisfied with their overall financial circumstances

Talking to Skipton could be the first step in helping you improve your financial well-being – and feeling confident over your future.

Your capital is at risk

If you’d like to speak to someone or arrange an appointment with one of Skipton’s financial advisers, call 0800 012 1248 for a free consultation.

Skipton have advisers across the country that can help to de-mystify your money worries, give your finances a health check and help devise a personalised retirement plan. For peace of mind, you should know there’s no obligation to act on their advice, or any upfront fees to pay. It could prove worthwhile finding out if Skipton could support your financial well-being.

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