Could speaking to NAHT Personal Financial Services’ experts help you?

Looking at what we all went through last year, 2021 really does have the potential to be brighter all-round. There is no doubt that getting back to normal will take time, as the globe continues to adjust, but things are certainly looking more positive.

During challenging times, the long-term health of our finances was certainly an area of concern for many. With a feeling that getting our financial future sorted should be moved higher on our list of priorities.

This is why many have turned to the experts for some financial clarity.

Expert know how can really help

There are times in everyone’s lives when big decisions regarding what to do with your money need to be made. But with a plethora of options available to us now, experienced counsel could help you.

If you’re considering where best to place your money and plan for your financial future, speaking to a financial adviser is a good option. Whether you have short-term or long-term goals, it helps to talk to the experts.

That is exactly what Mrs Leslie decided to do during a chat with Lloyd Batey, Senior Financial Adviser at NAHT Personal Financial Services, “Lloyd was a pleasure to speak with. He has a wealth of experience and explains complex ideas clearly and concisely.

“Having had a number of similar meetings with other advisers over the years, it was a pleasant experience, which did not feel intrusive or awkward. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Offering clarity can really help

Since 2006, NAHT Personal Financial Services (provided by Skipton Building Society) has been helping NAHT members put financial plans in place, that help outline your future aspirations.

No matter what stage you’re at in your financial journey, it really is a good idea to simply take stock. To reflect and check if you’re heading in the right direction, to meet the goals you’ve set.

After a recent video chat with another NAHT Personal Financial Services Adviser, Richard Powell, Mr Cowper talked about his experience, “Richard listened carefully, summarised and gave clear answers to my questions. I was impressed at his expertise and it is clear that he was interested in me and my family.

“As result of this conversation I am clear on a number of actions I need to take before I am in a position to proceed to the next step. I do not hesitate in recommending Richard and NAHT Personal Financial Services for clear, thoughtful and patient answers.”

Seeing if financial advice is right for you

In the world of teaching, where your primary goal is to consider others first, it can be hard to shift that focus to you and your needs. It’s something everyone should do though.

NAHT Personal Financial Services could help NAHT members like you consider your financial options, through clear and trustworthy financial advice. Lloyd, Richard or another member of the team could recommend investing opportunities and suggest ways to help you grow your savings.

Whichever path you decide to go down, there’s no commitment to act on the advice – and no upfront fee to hear the recommendations. You will only be charged if you decide to accept our recommendation and the costs will be explained before you make any decisions, so you’ll never be left in any doubt about what you’re paying for.

To find out more about how NAHT Personal Financial Services could help you, call 0345 121 4596 or request a call back here.


Capital at Risk

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