Helping someone with mental health

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem at some stage. Currently, 676 million people are affected by mental illnesses worldwide*. And more than a third of education professionals have had a mental health issue in the past year**.

Taking mental well-being very seriously, our trusted partner Skipton Building Society has recently teamed up with Mental Health UK. A charity which provides support, information and expertise to help people affected by mental health problems.

Stephanie Bullock, Mental Health Representative at Skipton explains: “Mental health issues are something that can affect anyone. Most of us know someone suffering from conditions like anxiety and depression – or are perhaps dealing with issues themselves. We really want to make a difference – and do more for our customers and community.”

By working closely with Mental Health UK, Skipton aims to:

  • Give people more access to places where they can discuss mental health comfortably
  • Raise money so Mental Health UK can create networks and further support people with mental illnesses
  • Reduce the stigma of mental health by encouraging people to talk about their problems

Stephanie continues, “A person can feel much more positive just by chatting to someone and sharing their issues. As a mutual organisation, we’re here to look after our members – and want those who may be feeling down or depressed to be able to speak to us in a way they feel comfortable.”

“To do this we need to be able to spot the signs of someone who might be struggling. We’ll be training colleagues – especially those customer-facing – so we can be more mindful around mental health. Understand how it can affect different people in different ways. And support customers even further.

“We’re really excited about this partnership – and the positive difference we can hopefully make to people’s lives.”

Financial well-being is a key part of mental health

Mental health problems can be triggered by a lot of things – one of them being money. With research showing that those with financial worries are 380% more likely to suffer from anxiety^. While 470% are more likely to be depressed^.

Lloyd Batey, financial adviser at Skipton, adds “Talking about money is extremely important in helping people combat these feelings. Almost half of UK adults admit that the process of making personal financial decisions makes them feel overwhelmed and anxious^^.  This is where we could help.

One less thing to worry about

Feeling “stressed” is something 84% of school leaders now describe themselves as**. Speaking to Skipton about your finances can give you one less thing to worry about.

Lloyd concludes, “We want to encourage customers to talk about important things like the financial future. Nowadays with more choice available, it’s difficult to know which products are right for you.

“Through a financial review we can develop an understanding of your personal situation and goals, look at your savings, investments and pensions – and provide tailored recommendations to help you plan for the future. Hopefully that way you feel more financially in control.”

We know that, as an NAHT member, you’re probably busy juggling work priorities. But a review with Skipton doesn’t have to take long – and speaking to someone now about your long-term financial plans could help you feel more in control.

Skipton’s no pressure, easy-accessible advice means you can chat to an adviser at home, in branch or even in your office, through a video appointment at a time that works for you. For more information on how Skipton can help you plan your financial future, click here

Your capital is at risk

If you’re unsure whether you’d benefit from advice through Skipton, why not call NAHT Personal Financial Services today on 0800 121 4596. It’s completely free to find out.

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*Mental Heath First Aid England, 2019

**Education Support Well-being Index, 2019

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^^, 2018

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