Helping you get ready for those important years ahead

The British summer. Typically the time of year when school leaders take a well-earned holiday to relax. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus rearing its ugly head earlier in the year, everything changed. Our best laid plans were up in the air. It’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t quite worked out like many of us had hoped, but all is not lost.

As a result of the pandemic we have had more time to spend with family, whilst also allowing us to contemplate our financial future, has been important for many of us. After this time of reflection, you may consider that the financial plans you had in place at the beginning of the year are no longer suitable and might not achieve your goals.

The good news is that you can take another look at your long-term financial needs. Whether you have specific financial goals, existing plans or looking to invest, NAHT Personal Financial Services could help – especially in the current climate.

Sunshine on a rainy day

Now that we seem to be approaching something close to ‘normality’, as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, most of us can actually start living our lives again. Which means we’re likely to beat key stages in our lives, where we should ask ourselves important questions to ensure we’re financially ready for the years ahead.

When it comes to planning your financial future, it’s a good idea that you listen to expert professional advice, that’s tailored to your situation. Advice that explains the options available to you.

NAHT Personal Financial Services, has experience in helping people put financial plans in place, with well-defined financial planning strategies that could help define your future aspirations.

Plan for your future

In the world of teaching, where your primary goal is to consider others first, it can be hard to shift that focus to you and your needs. It’s something everyone should do though.

NAHT Personal Financial Services could help NAHT members like you consider your financial options, through clear and trustworthy financial advice. A financial adviser could recommend different investing opportunities and suggest ways to help you grow your savings.

Whichever path you decide to go down, there’s no commitment to act on the advice – and no upfront fee to hear the recommendations. You will only be charged if you decide to accept our recommendation and the costs will be explained before you make any decisions, so you’ll never be left in any doubt about what you’re paying for.

Looking towards those golden years

As part of the personalised service offered, you may also feel you could benefit from a bit more retirement planning. One that’s suited to your circumstances and could help you prepare for both inflation and longevity during your retirement.

As you get older, you may need money for unexpected events – such as short-term, and even long-term, care. It’s really important you have an adaptable strategy that considers the possibility of your income needs changing over time.

NAHT Personal Financial Services can’t predict your future. But they could help you put plans in place to prepare for it.

NAHT Personal Financial Services are ready to listen

While we’re all still adjusting to the lockdown easing, NAHT Personal Financial Services offer a service that gives you the opportunity to have face-to-face financial advice appointments at home. Through Skipton Link, an award-winning video advice service. All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet with access to the internet to get speaking to a friendly face.

Dr Alison Keidan and Dr Simon Cooper, recently had their first Skipton Link video appointment. Because of the current lockdown, they decided that they’d prefer to speak to someone from home.

“We found the Skipton Link appointment with a financial adviser worked perfectly. For many years we’ve had advisers come to our house. But we live in a rural place, and that can make it more difficult to have a meeting.

“It’s so easy to schedule a Skipton Link meeting. And the video technology is such that you can exchange documents and see each other on screen – so it’s preferable. Meeting by video is very much more convenient from our point of view.”

To see if you could benefit from NAHT financial advice, call 0800 121 4596.

Our recommendations are likely to include stock market-based investments which are not like building society savings accounts as your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invested. The value of your investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise.


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