How can NAHT Wellness and Protect support you and your staff with covid-19 fatigue?

Our well-being provider was contacted in May 2020 by a female PE Teacher in her 30s who was diagnosed with covid-19 in March 2020.

  • The patient had two previous hospital admissions due to breathlessness
  • She was an avid runner with no previous medical history
  • After having covid-19 she found everyday tasks a struggle
  • She got in touch for well-being support when she was ready to resume normal activity.

Our well-being provider supported this member of staff with the following services:



Complementary therapy

In this instance, due to the joint fatigue she was experiencing, she was offered massage to help her move towards resuming normal activity.


The counselling team helped with the effects fatigue was having on her mental health, whilst also relieving any anxieties surrounding returning to work.

Relaxation techniques and positive thinking

The patient had a one to one sessions with Mindfulness and Well-being Consultant June to proactively support her mental health and help improve her mindset after the experience. 


To learn more about what NAHT Wellness and Protect whole school well-being support can offer your school community, contact our team on 0300 30 30 892 or email


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