Recharge Your Emotional Battery

Anxiety can take many forms, but generally speaking it is a feeling of unease that is often accompanied by other symptoms such as worrying unnecessarily, nervousness, rapid heartbeat and hyperventilation.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it seems to be happening often and we feel under emotional pressure constantly.

In primitive times man responded to stress and anxiety by using an inbuilt ‘fight or flight’ response. However our psyche has not evolved at the same rate as technology and other advances in today’s society – it is no longer acceptable to fight off the impositions in our life or flee for safety – we have to stand up and deal with them.

The effects of this change – (whether right or wrong) – is that we internalise our anxieties and our body produces adrenalin which is not good for our immune system.

Often, we create own emotional pressure by negative self-talk. If we are honest about how we criticise and chastise ourselves I am sure many of us would admit we would NEVER talk to our loved ones in that way.

‘Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own ears’

Be your own best friend! Be kind to yourself and take time for yourself.

When you board a flight and the cabin crew deliver the safety demonstration, they always say “In the event of loss of pressure in the cabin an oxygen mask will drop down for you to use. Please make sure you put on your own mask before attending to others” It is the same with your wellbeing. If you don’t look after your wellbeing you will have nothing left to give to others.

Think of a mobile phone and how its performance deteriorates as the battery runs down until it eventually stops working. We need to recharge our own batteries often too.

However, you do this is entirely up to you. But is important to take time out just for you. Maybe just a walk, read a book, meditate, or listen to music.

In the link below I have recorded a relaxation MP3 for you, which you may find useful in times of emotional pressure. Please take a listen and recharge your battery.

Note: It is important you do not listen to this recording whilst driving or doing something that needs your full attention.

Bespoke preventative therapies, including mindfulness, visualisation and hypnotherapy are included within the wellbeing support available to staff insured with NAHT Wellness and Protect, to learn more click here.

June – NAHT Wellness and Protect mindfulness and wellbeing consultant

June is an accomplished therapist with over 10 years’ experience and specialises in managing anxiety

and stress. She has worked for over 5 years within the education sector, working with clients one-to-one or as part of a group session. Junes qualifications include Neuro Linguistic, Programming Practitioner, Coach ABNLP, Psychotherapist MNCP and Clinical Hypnotherapist DipHypGHR.

“If we do not look after our own wellbeing this can have a detrimental effect on our level to cope in times of pressure, and when this pressure builds it turns to stress. Although stress and anxiety are not psychiatric illnesses, left unnoticed it can soon turn to depression etc. Having suffered myself in the past, through therapy I learned to manage my emotions, this inspired me to help others.

The stress awareness sessions I deliver are designed to help you recognise stress not only in yourself but in others, and learn how to be more resilient to combat anxiety. These sessions can be adapted specifically to meet the groups’ needs. I teach many interventions that will help manage and overcome stress. I can show you how to use visualisation techniques to bring about relaxation for both mind and body and reduce the negative thoughts we all have about ourselves from time to time. A qualified coach, through one to one sessions I guide and inspire clients to bring about a clearer understanding of their aspirations and goals, and to achieve the necessary changes in their present or future behaviour that will ensure positive outcomes. in addition breaking down limiting beliefs and recognising learned behaviours that hold us back.”