Self-care tips for school leaders this summer

You have made it to your well-deserved summer break. A year of meeting the needs of others in school, so don’t you think it is an opportunity to take time for you and meet your own needs?

As leaders, you are often guilty of overlooking your own well-being in ensuring the well-being of
others. Just as you recharge your devices, you need to recharge your own batteries – nothing will work
forever without maintenance.

With this in mind, we have put together a few ideas for you to press the pause button on your life, relax
and build resilience.

  • Get outside

Being in nature has a significant positive impact on your well-being. So take a walk in a green space, better still if you have a dog – take them with you. Walking a pet also has a positive effect in terms of exercise! Growing flowers, plants vegetables etc. Nurturing something into life gives satisfaction and increases happiness. Not only will you feel the mental benefits but the physical ones too.

  • Spend time with people you love

It has been proven that looking into the eyes or embracing someone you love is good for you. Your body releases oxytocin the feel-good hormone, that has the power to reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Take a moment to breathe

Just sit quietly with a straight spine and your feet on the floor and your shoulders relaxed. Bring your attention gently to your breathing. Not trying to change your breath in anyway, just your natural breathing in your own way and time. Keeping your full awareness to your breath place your hand on your tummy and notice the inflation on the in breath and the contraction on the out breath. If your mind wanders don’t worry, just notice where it has gone, thoughts feelings etc. Be with your breath for a few minutes.

  • Connect with your senses

Sit quietly in a room and just do the following:

  1. Look at five things in the room you are in with a beginner’s mind as though you have never seen a pen a shoe or a cup before – just really observe 5 objects
  2. Touch four things around you, like your clothes or soft furnishings
  3. Listen to three different sounds, not naming what it is but listening to the pitch and tonality.
  4. Be aware of two different smells in the room
  5. Bring your awareness to the one taste in your mouth

These tips will help you to nurture your own well-being after what has been another intense year. Have a wonderful break and look after you!

June Brade, NAHT Wellness and Protect well-being consultant


Whole schools well-being support is included in NAHT Wellness and Protect policies. Find out more by requesting further information here



Written by June Brade, NAHT Wellness and Protect well-being consultant
Published on 28 July 2022