Stop. Take a break – and look after your financial future

Start with a free financial fitness report

One. Two. Three – and breathe.

It’s time to focus on YOU. Just for a few moments.


We know you’re under a lot of pressure right now. These are testing times for school leaders and teachers overall – with more than half of the profession admitting their mental health has been affected during 2020’s extraordinary events*.

But enough with the negatives.

This is a really important time to stay positive. So why not take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule. Put aside the current, growing demands of being a school leader – and do something that could help you feel better about your financial future.

Take charge of your finances

Research shows that being financially prepared could boost your overall wellbeing. In fact, those in control of their finances generally feel calmer, happier and less worried – according to Age UK**.

You may already feel like you have your finances in order – but for added reassurance, it’s worth checking you and your loved ones are ready for the future. (This year certainly emphasises just how important being prepared is.)

Do you have everything covered?

There are key things we often forget about when it comes to our finances.

By putting plans in place now, you could make sure you haven’t missed anything vital. For example, there may be protection plans you need to put in place. Or perhaps it’s worth checking your legacy plans?

Filling in the gaps early could make a big difference to your future – and help you look ahead with greater confidence.


You don’t have to worry about doing this alone either. Our trusted partner since 2006, NAHT Personal Financial Services (provided by Skipton Building Society), is here to help.


Free financial fitness report

NAHT Personal Financial Services’ could offer you the chance to look at your financial plans.

  • Free of charge, we can provide you with a report outlining the fitness of your finances.
  • It can take as little as 30 minutes of your time, dependent on your circumstances, so you can check and discuss your unique situation – and if needed, plan your next important steps.
  • At the end of the chat, you’ll receive your free report. It’s yours to keep and use however you like.


A financial fitness report is completely free


You don’t need to go anywhere

The good news is you can have your appointment from the comfort of your own home or school office. Whether it’s over the phone – or through our award-winning video service.

As always, you won’t be pressured to make any decisions. It’s just a friendly chat to see if there is anything more you could do to help get on track to meet your goals. You can take all the time you need.

Find out more and book your free report.

To be clear, the Financial Fitness Report won’t include any personalised advice or recommendations. If you do decide to get financial advice, our recommendations could involve placing your capital at risk, and the value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invest.


Feeling reassured about your financial future could help to relieve stress – and boost your mental wellbeing.**


*Education Support, September 2020

**Age UK, November 2018


Capital at risk. 

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