What do our members say about NAHT Wellness and Protect?

NAHT Wellness and Protect is staff absence protection for you and your school. Not only is it designed to protect your school’s budget, but as a member of NAHT, you receive exclusive well-being and leadership support benefits for your whole school too.


What do our members say about NAHT Wellness and Protect?


“NAHT Wellness and Protect has made a massive difference to our staff. It’s not just been about the insurance – although it’s nice for an SBL’s budget – but being able to signpost our staff to well-being services, which has been invaluable in these difficult times.

“I am genuinely delighted with the service we’ve had, particularly with the portal. I can’t begin to explain how much easier it is compared to having to email back and forth as we did with our old provider.”

School business leader,

Gayton Junior School, Derby


“Value for money doesn’t always come in the form of pounds and pence. Sometimes knowing that you are dealing with a professional, attentive and caring company is what matters.

“NAHT Wellness and Protect took the time and effort to ensure I feel more confident dealing with absences.”

School business leader,

High Spen Primary School, Tyne and Wear


What are the exclusive member benefits included in NAHT Wellness and Protect?

As well as staff absence protection, NAHT Wellness and Protect includes whole school well-being support and leadership support. Some of the additional benefits include:

  • access to paid well-being days for insured staff
  • 20% increase on the daily benefit for NAHT member absences
  • expenses paid for NAHT members’ travel and absence when attending NAHT events
  • leadership counselling, mindfulness and coaching sessions
  • supervision, pastoral and mental health lead support
  • school mental health and supervision award
  • school well-being governor e-module
  • EduPod – an all-in-one software for mental health leads in school
  • a whole school well-being action plan
  • leadership and well-being themed webinars.

You can find out more about NAHT Wellness and Protect by requesting a quote for your school here. A member of the team will be in touch within 48 hours to provide further information for you and your school.