Exclusive Leadership Support Service with NAHT Wellness and Protect

Statistics from this year’s Teacher Well-being Index show that stress, anxiety and other mental health related conditions are on the rise within the sector. NAHT Wellness and Protect want to support senior leaders to feel more empowered and provide the most comprehensive well-being support available to support school staff.

In an effort to support school leadership through these challenging times, NAHT Wellness and Protect is pleased to include our Leadership Support Package. The Leadership Support Package is just one element of our robust Whole School Well-being Support Package, created to help individual staff insured on the policy as well as support leadership to create a strong well-being culture within their school community.

There are many resources available within NAHT Wellness and Protect to help analyse current trends and identify ways to improve your whole school wellbeing.

What does the NAHT Wellness and Protect Leadership Support Package include?

  • Leadership counselling
  • Ask Andy – coaching support for leaders in education
  • How to successfully provide a positive impact to your staff’s well-being
  • Leadership mindfulness sessions
  • Pastoral support and webinars
  • School mental health award gov module
  • Supervision award
  • EduPod – new way for mental health leads to plan, manage and evaluate their journey to creating happy and mentally healthy environments for the whole school community
  • Well-being action plan identification
  • Leadership webinars
  • Leadership coaching webinars
  • Mental health lead support – 90 minutes half termly/30mins a week

What do NAHT Wellness and Protect policy holders say about the service?

Since introducing NAHT Wellness and Protect we have been joined by many members accessing exclusive staff absence protection and whole school well-being support for their school.

West Bridgford Infant School have been part of NAHT Wellness and Protect for the past year. Here is what they said:

“We have enjoyed great service from the team with excellent customer care, dealing with any queries quickly and efficiently and helping me with any areas I have not fully understand. A very patient team!

That being said, the website is easy to use to update staffing and claims with clear instructions on the information required to log a claim.

Several staff have accessed the Health and Wellbeing services and have been very impressed with professional level of the services they have accessed.

Finally, we saved nearly £2000 on the nearest alternative quote we received from alternative providers!”

The Leadership Support Package is included within the comprehensive Whole School Well-being Support available with NAHT Wellness and Protect. NAHT Wellness and Protect is a whole school well-being, leadership support and staff absence protection package exclusive to NAHT members.

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Terms and conditions apply. Statements true at the time of writing 29/01/21.