NAHT Wellness and Protect well-being statistics

The well-being support included with NAHT Wellness and Protect is an ever-evolving range of mental and physical health support services, designed to have the greatest impact on staff and pupil well-being.

Below are statistics from our well-being provider which highlight how the well-being works to make a difference:

  • Over 60% of staff who accessed our health and well-being services were not absent from work at all in 2020
  • Last year, our nursing team supported over 16,300 school staff across the UK
  • In 2020, our well-being team provided over 12,500 sessions of counselling to school staff across the country. That’s an average of 240 sessions per week and an increase of around 10% from the previous year
  • 98.2% of respondents would recommend our counselling service
  • 62.8% of physiotherapy referrals in 2020 were to support back related conditions and referrals were up around 17% from the previous 12 months
  • 74.5% of all people accessing our physiotherapy support would have been likely to experience absence without intervention
  • 61.1% of people who complete our 12-week weight management programme referral achieve a 5% weight loss
  • Over £2,600 of pupil well-being services available in our policies.

If you are interested in well-being only cover, please select this option when requesting your quotation.

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