What are the exclusive benefits of NAHT Wellness and Protect for NAHT members? 

NAHT Wellness and Protect includes a vast range of support, exclusive to NAHT members when they take out a policy for their school. These additional benefits of the staff absence protection include:

  • Paid well-being days for all staff
  • 20% increase on the daily benefit for NAHT member absences
  • Expenses paid for NAHT member’s travel and absence when attending NAHT events.

There are also a range of exclusive well-being support services complimentary with NAHT Wellness and Protect through our leadership support package. The NAHT Wellness and Protect Leadership Support package includes support such as:

  • Leadership counselling, mindfulness, and coaching
  • Supervision, pastoral and mental health lead support
  • School mental health award, school well-being governor e-module and supervision award
  • EduPod- all in one software for mental health leads in school
  • Well-being action plan
  • Leadership and well-being themed webinars

You can find out more about NAHT Wellness and Protect here and request a call back/quote for your school here.