Catch Up On Our Past Webinars

Catch up on our past webinars…

Advice for current times

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Andrew Hammond, Senior Director of Learning at Discovery Education and Guy Dudley, Lead Author of the Advice Hub within the NAHT Discovery Education Pathway programme, discussed the current COVID-19 impact on schools and how those working in schools or from home, can catch up on those stretching (and sometimes overlooked) tasks whilst COVID-19 restrictions continue to prevail.

In a quiz-style, question and answer format, we covered COVID-19 related issues and the overall impact on schools:

  • Vulnerable children and children of key workers
  • Remote learning
  • Section 44 (Employment Rights Act, 1996) explained
  • Safety issues
  • Staffing issues
  • Ofsted and other performance data

In the same format, we also covered those tasks that can be reviewed as long as COVID-19 restrictions prevail:

  • School website
  • GDPR
  • Asbestos in schools
  • Health & Safety
  • Review of school policies (e.g. Wellbeing)
  • Review of school practices (e.g. Single Central Record)


Controlling the controllables – Making the remote closer to home

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Following on from the successful webinar ‘If, Our and When’, NAHT and Discovery Education Pathway author and resilience coach, David Gumbrell, returns for another question-and-answer session with Andrew Hammond. Looking again at our resilience reserves, David will consider the metaphor of a tv remote control.


NAHT Discovery Education Pathway: Narrowing the Attainment Gap

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Experienced school leader and recipient of a National Award for Pupil Premium Strategy, Daniel Jones, shares his interest in ‘Narrowing the Attainment Gap’, the title of his course in the forthcoming Pathway Programme from Discovery Education and NAHT.

NAHT Discovery Education Pathway: Advice for the current times 2

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In this webinar, we aimed to cover:

  • Reasonable adjustments at school
  • Part-time working
  • School classroom temperatures
  • Home and flexi-schooling
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • School calendar

NAHT Discovery Education Pathway: Advice for the current times

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In this webinar, we aimed to cover the ‘New National Restrictions’, in particular:

  • Clinically vulnerable people
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable people
  • Sickness absence
  • Pregnant women
  • Staff who don’t feel safe
  • Risk assessments
  • Coronavirus cases at school
  • Remote learning

NAHT SEND Conference preview

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Details of the programme for the NAHT SEND Conference 2020 online, Thursday, 3rd December, 2020 with Andy Walls, Marijke Miles and Rona Tutt


Early years and primary education matters

On Demand

A focused discussion on issues affecting primary school leaders with Head Teacher and NAHT Primary Council Chair Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson and Head Teacher and Author Dr Julian Grenier.

Share your views , gain support and take a short time out for you. Enjoy a free taste for what’s coming up at the NAHT Early and Primary conference on the 12th November 2020


Pathway: A Curriculum of Hope

On Demand

In this webinar we’ll explore the issues around curriculum design facing our schools. We’ll look at some of the key ideas underpinned in the book Curriculum of Hope and discuss the five pillars underpinning the thinking in that book – namely that a strong curriculum will place equal emphasis on Credibility (or content), Coherence, Compassion, Creativity and Community. Order Pathway today.


Pathway: The Agile Teacher

On Demand

In this webinar Hywel Roberts, experienced teacher and author talks about the course he has authored and presented for the NAHT Discovery Education Pathway programme. Read all about what is covered in his course and in ‘The agile teacher’ webinar. Order Pathway today.


Ofsted Update

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In this webinar you will get a taster of what to expect in our ‘Ofsted Update – Reducing the stress and workload with Ofsted Inspections’. This course will enable school leaders to manage and reduce the stress associated with school inspection, through excellent leadership practice, embedding school improvement into the annual quality cycle and taking account of best practice.


The Education Support Partnership approach to well-being

On Demand

This course aims to provide you with a firm underpinning in contemporary research, examining practical realities around the well-being of both leaders and their colleagues.

Webinar starts at 3:56


Pathway webinar: A new Pathway revealed

On Demand

In this fireside chat Andrew Hammond, Lead Author and Series Editor of Pathway will share with Phil Birchinall the rationale and intended impact of the NAHT Discovery Education Pathway programme, launching in schools this October.

Andrew will discuss the reasons why, after twenty years teaching and leading in schools, he devised Pathway: a unique online programme that blends professional development with personal development, focusing on motivation, aspiration and well-being. Order Pathway today.


NAHT’s webinar for school leaders considering retirement

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A recording from our free session on Thursday 27 August 2020 with experts in pensions, financial planning and well-being.

Webinar starts at 16:47


Returning to school with confidence – Diana Osagie

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Educational coach (Courageous Leadership) and former head teacher Diana Osagie will help you identify where you need to grow and develop to overcome the hurdles that a full return to school will present. Diana is a passionate speaker who speaks with authority on what it means to be a courageous leader.


Communicating ‘Above and Beyond’ to your local media – Steven George, NAHT

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This webinar for NAHT members looks at how you as a school leader can best publicise the fantastic work you are doing every day in making sure your school is performing effectively. Regardless of the daily challenges being put in your way!

Webinar starts at 14:46


Organisational well-being trends 2020 and the impact for school leaders – Paul Crittenden

On Demand

In difficult times of sudden crisis and uncertain recovery, well-being is at the forefront of school life – for pupils, parents, communities and all those who work in schools. This webinar looks at trends in how the best-performing institutions are responding to the wellbeing needs of their staff. It also looks – with examples – at school leaders’ crucial role play in delivering institution-wide wellbeing.

Webinar starts at 15:33


A recovery curriculum loss and life for our children and schools post-pandemic

On Demand

As we move gradually to a phased full re-opening of schools, school leaders need to consider and respond to the ongoing emotional impact of the pandemic on children. All pupils need to be re-engaged and guided to the new normal, whatever that may look like, of school life.


Pathway Webinar: I, lF and OUR

On Demand

Andrew Hammond talks to resilience expert, former teacher and headteacher and now author, coach and lecturer David Gumbrell. I, IF and OUR: a fireside chat about headteachers’ and teachers’ resilience, followed by Q&A. David Gumbrell, is a contributing author and presenter on the NAHT Discovery Education Pathway programme. David’s Pathway module on resilience is aimed to provoke reflection on your self-compassion and the effect this can have on you as a leader. Order Pathway today.


A Pathway Webinar: Unprecedented leadership in unprecedented times

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Andrew Hammond talks to Hannah Tudor, Headteacher of St Mary of Charity Primary School. Unprecedented leadership in unprecedented times: a fireside chat about how to lead schools following the Covid-19 closures; followed by Q&A. Hannah Tudor is a contributing author and presenter on the NAHT Discovery Education Pathway programme. Hannah’s Pathway course will explore how to maintain a culture of innovation, risk-taking and self-driven improvement beyond Ofsted “Outstanding;” and how to make sure you keep thinking in the way that got you there! Order Pathway today.


Pathway: The whole teacher

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On the 11th June Discovery Education and NAHT hosted a virtual preview event to introduce the Discovery Education Pathway programme. Pathway is a holistic online programme designed to empower teachers and leaders so they may flourish in their careers. What makes the Pathway programme unique is that unlike traditional CPD it focuses on the personal as well as professional development of teachers and school leaders. Order Pathway today.