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By FlashAcademy

FlashAcademy, a leading English as an additional language (EAL), platform and NAHT partner, provides dedicated onboarding and implementation support for schools when signing up to use the platform that helps to break down language barriers in the classroom.

FlashAcademy prides itself on supporting schools and their EAL needs, by always being on hand, from setting up a school on the platform with their complimentary onboarding and adoption process, where they ensure that educators fully understand the platform. When a school is fully confident with the platform, they are then assigned an Account Director to manage any queries moving forward.

Once a school has signed up to FlashAcademy they will be assigned to a dedicated Education Success Advisor, who will run through the platform with the school and onboard them over a six week period. Once this has been completed, schools will then undergo an Adoption/Implementation phase for a further four weeks. The team remain on hand throughout the process with a dedicated support line.

After this period of implementation an Account Director will be available for any questions or queries regarding a school’s licence, as well as sharing any useful or relevant information.

As well as this thorough process to ensure that schools understand the FlashAcademy platform, there is also constant support available, with a Help Centre that is accessible at all times, with useful blogs, videos, free events and FAQs all included within the cost of the FlashAcademy licence.

Further to this, useful webinars are also held every half term, on multiple topics, from refresher courses on the platform at the beginning of each term, to how to conduct an intervention and how to use the digital EAL assessment. All webinars are also available to access on demand, so educators can digest this information in their own time.

To find out more, visit the FlashAcademy website here. 


By FlashAcademy

10 December 2021