Embracing difference, ending bullying

An introduction to Diversity Role Models

Diversity Role Models (DRM) is a LGBT+ education and anti-bullying charity working in UK schools. DRM takes a proactive approach in educating and embedding inclusion and building empathy through the delivery of workshops featuring role model storytelling. DRM has a vision where everyone embraces diversity and can thrive and supports schools to foster an inclusive school environment where students are empowered to embrace difference and end bullying.

‘The world sees people differently and we really need to change that’ – Student

Classroom based student workshops in primary and secondary school and colleges is DRM’s core service. Using the medium of interactive classroom activities to educate about difference, DRM workshops are designed for students aged 5 to 18 to learn to challenge harmful stereotypes and language whilst addressing the misconceptions about gender identity, sexual orientation and diverse families.

Students learn to understand the (often unintended) impact of their language and actions, equipping them with the skills to challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic comments and bullying happening within the student body, triggering a whole school culture shift to celebrating and embracing difference. To ensure positive cultural and behavioural change, DRM offers a whole school approach including training for staff, governors, and parents/carers.

‘I will never judge anyone because I’ve learnt that everyone has their own story’ – Student

Every workshop and training features at least one developmentally appropriate role model story about their journey to self-acceptance. Diverse role models share stories on a range of topics from their personal lived experience including: intersectionality, religion, family, identity, love, relationships, marriage, bullying, coming out, and mental health.

DRM services are aligned to the moral, statutory and regulatory obligations for schools to be LGBT+ inclusive including Ofsted, RSE, policy and curriculum.

Since 2011, DRM has worked in 517 schools, delivered over 4,500 student workshops reaching 115,000+ students. DRM currently deliver workshops and training in London, the Home Counties, West Midlands, North West and North East of England. The 2018/19 impact report can be viewed here.

 ‘I’m not a part of the LGBT+ community but I support because we’re all people with valid emotions’ – Student

 You can find out more about Diversity Role Models here.