FlashAcademy is perfect for classroom and remote learning

By FlashAcademy

FlashAcademy, the leading English as an additional language (EAL) platform and NAHT partner, is the perfect tool for both remote and classroom learning. The leading language learning platform helps to break down language barriers in the classroom and is available from 47 home languages, enabling pupils with EAL to improve their English proficiency level and unlock their academic and career potential.

The award-winning platform is especially helpful in providing comfort and familiarity for newly arrived pupils, as teachers can quickly set students up curriculum lesson in their own home language. Pupils can then use FlashAcademy to learn social and curriculum vocabulary, which will help them to settle into school and communicate with their peers.

Students of any proficiency level, in KS1 – KS4, can use FlashAcademy as it caters to all abilities. With gamified content and engaging activities, the platform teaches students with EAL curriculum and social vocabulary, WOW words, idioms, handwriting and more.

FlashAcademy is accessible across all devices, including desktops, tablets and smart phones enabling pupils to use the app wherever they are. Educators can therefore use FlashAcademy to set pupils work in the classroom and at home, teachers can use the platform to set pupils’ specific lessons as homework, such as a curriculum vocabulary lesson, ahead of a lesson that has been planned in, to ensure that students are engaged in the class.

Further to this, it can also be used in a fully remote setting, where a pupil might be learning from home, enabling them to continue to learn outside of the classroom. Teachers can also set and track pupils work remotely, to ensure that pupils are continuing to accelerate their English language skills despite not being in the classroom.

FlashAcademy also has a range of remote learning resources which are available to download for free, helping to save educators time and enable pupils to continue learning wherever they are.

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By FlashAcademy

10 December 2021