Teacher time saver: FlashAcademy’s new digital EAL proficiency assessment tool

FlashAcademy has recently launched a new digital EAL proficiency assessment tool, enabling teachers to assess students’ English proficiency level and then track their progress. FlashAcademy is an award-winning online content platform, which helps pupils whose first language is not English to improve their language skills, and rapidly unlock their academic potential.

Across the country there are over 1.6 million students who have English as an additional language, leaving teachers with a challenge when it comes to educating and supporting these pupils due to the language barrier, especially when assessing how proficient students may be in English and what level they’re currently working at. FlashAcademy has developed a new digital EAL proficiency assessment tool to overcome this challenge and help teachers to ensure that every pupil, no matter what their home language, feels empowered and supported to learn English.

The digital tool enables teachers to initially assess pupils, from pupils with higher levels of proficiency to those with a minimal knowledge of English, to understand their level of proficiency and therefore enable teachers to set pupils work that is suited to their proficiency level. This also allows educators to evidence pupil proficiency regularly across the four key skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), keep a clear record of the proficiencies of pupils and track the progress at individual, class or school level – all on one digital dashboard. Furthermore, teachers can access granular insights into pupils’ skills whilst recording their answers to track progress over time. However, it still allows teachers to jump in at any point and amend students’ records, based on their own expert knowledge, ensuring it’s always accurate.

The digital EAL proficiency assessment tool has also been developed to ensure usability for both teachers and pupils. It saves teachers time – working with 700 schools around the UK, FlashAcademy understand that teachers are incredibly busy and conducting regular assessment for pupils with EAL is time consuming for both teachers and students. With the digital EAL proficiency assessment tool, you can set pupils up on their assessment, and they can complete this either in one sitting, or do each skill one at a time and come back later to continue this. Furthermore, the tool tests both receptive (reading and listening) as well as productive skills (spelling and writing), giving educators a full picture of a pupils’ proficiency.


“FlashAcademy is based on vocabulary which supports our teaching in all the different key areas across the curriculum. It has made lesson planning and assessments so much easier”.

Hollie O’Sullivan, Director of EAL at Fortis Academy


To find out more, visit FlashAcademy and find out how to support your EAL pupils and your teachers.