Free access to NAHT Wellness and Protect’s well-being solution

Students are headed back to school. What does that mean for your staff?

We know that despite schools being “closed” to most students, your staff’s hard work hasn’t stopped. NAHT Wellness and Protect is here to help you give back to your staff and ensure that they feel supported as we start to consider bringing more children back to school.

During the pandemic, NHS England has reported that 4 in 10 people are not seeking help from their GP because they are afraid to be a burden on the NHS. On top of this, they have also seen a 10-fold increase in downloads of the NHS recommended mindfulness toolkit, showing that people are seeking alternative methods of help and support. NAHT Wellness and Protect provides your staff with much needed physical and mental support to help them through this difficult time.

NAHT Wellness and Protect is the NAHT’s solution to staff absence and whole school well-being support.

It’s a service that has been designed to support your school financially when absences do occur, whilst also supporting you and your staff to prevent and reduce further absences with whole school physical and mental health support which is included in all policies. We offer flexible policy options that include covering ongoing absences, existing conditions, and maternity costs for schools. We also cover any absences relating to Covid-19.

Tell us what you need, and we will build a policy that is right for you.

Exclusive NAHT member additional benefits

  • Paid well-being days for insured staff
  • Extra claim benefit payments for an NAHT member’s absence
  • Payments for members travel expenses and supply costs when attending any NAHT event



Well-being is included in policies as standard – Support Services for Insured Staff and Pupils

Support for Uninsured Staff

To ensure there is support for all school staff who have been working tirelessly to support their school communities, NAHT whole school well-being services have been made available to ALL staff at schools insured with NAHT Wellness and Protect, not just those named on policies.

Thrive: Four-week NHS approved mindfulness programme.

Be Mindful: NHS approved CBT, breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises

EGYM: At home exercise & fitness programme

Free access to NAHT Wellness and Protect until 31st August

For schools that do not currently use NAHT Wellness and Protect, you can access some of our well-being services for your staff to see just how comprehensive our support is.

There is no obligation to sign up at the end of the trial. NAHT just wants to ensure the staff at member schools are given the physical and mental health support during this difficult time.

Click here to receive your free trial of NAHT Wellness and Protect’s well-being solution or call 0300 3030 892.

Services available now until 31st August 2020

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