How Frankfurt International School uses the Meeting Owl Pro

In many countries, the ever-changing pandemic restrictions for schools have been challenging to overcome. To adapt, many schools have incorporated hybrid technology into their classrooms – whether it be for day-to-day classes or simply to include students who are temporarily quarantining.

Since early 2021, Frankfurt International School (FIS) has only been able to have certain grade levels attend classes on campus due to restrictions imposed by the German government surrounding class sizes. Some classes include multiple grade levels, and teachers have needed to make sure both remote and in-person students are receiving an inclusive classroom experience. Similarly, when a classroom is at maximum capacity, the hybrid model supports students who are learning virtually from the overflow classrooms.

To create more collaborative classrooms, FIS uses Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro, a 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker with proprietary AI technology, that automatically focuses on the speaker using audio and visual cues. FIS has also used this award-winning technology for board and faculty meetings to include remote participants.

Since implementing collaborative technology like the Meeting Owl Pro, FIS’s Technology Director, Gareth Brewster, has noticed that the way people work together has grown even more effective. “Being able to leverage this level of communication and collaboration is new. Now, it’s easy to sit down and have a video call. People don’t have to find the available classroom and schedule time. It’s become a lot easier to connect with people.”

Humanities teacher Kathleen Ralf uses a Meeting Owl Pro in her classroom, and as an instructor, appreciates how easy it is to use. “For me, the Meeting Owl Pro has been great because I can set it up, leave it, and not worry about it. To not have to think about if it’s focusing on me has been helpful. Students are so happy to finally hear and see everything in the classroom. I always have the 360° view on so remote students can see everyone.”

Other FIS teachers find that the Meeting Owl Pro supports their natural teaching style. Kathleen says, “Teachers have never had a way to engage the student at home without standing in front of their laptop camera. They are so happy to be freed up to work the room, give instructions and support, and communicate with kids at home.”

Kathleen is excited to keep using the Meeting Owl Pro in a post-pandemic world. “There have always been situations in the past where kids have been stuck at home. Sometimes they’re in a different country and sometimes they’re just sick at home. Right now, if a student has to stay home from school for whatever reason, they expect to be able to come into class via Zoom. Giving them the option of joining in remotely is a great way to keep them included in the class.”

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Author: Owl Labs

Date: November 2021