International travel guidance for schools in England

With COVID-19 largely under control and with the proximity of the school summer holidays, here’s what you need to know before you set off on your journey overseas.

Schools can not only use this information for their own purposes but, of course, they can pass this information to parents to ensure that all families and their children can travel safely if they are planning an overseas trip.

1. Check foreign travel advice for destination countries

Check the ‘Entry requirements’ section of foreign travel advice for all countries you will visit or travel through. This will tell you if the country allows people to enter from the UK. It should also provide advice on whether you will need to:

  • show proof of a negative COVID-19 test
  • quarantine on arrival
  • complete a passenger locator form to enter the country
  • show proof of vaccination status
  • wear a face covering on your journey or on arrival

2. Arrange any COVID-19 tests you need to enter destination countries

You cannot use an NHS test for this – you must use a private test provider.

3. How to use the NHS COVID Pass to prove your vaccination status abroad

Some countries require proof of vaccination status before you can enter.

Read about how you can use the NHS COVID Pass to prove your vaccination status

4. Passports, travel rights and driving abroad

You can find information about other things you need to do to travel abroad here

There is separate travel guidance for the home nations here:

Check the rules on travel if you’re:

Have a safe and an enjoyable trip!


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