Autumn home maintenance guide – our handy checklist to keep your house ship-shape this season

As the cooler months creep in,  Lloyd & Whyte is pleased to supply NAHT members with some handy tips to ensure your home is ready for Autumn.


Step back from your house and study the tiles. Have any tiles shifted out of place? Can you see any cracks or chips? Are there signs of moss build up? Top Tip: It can be useful to use binoculars to be able to zoom in and study any particular areas of concern.

Chimney pot

Is the bird guard still safely secured? Are there any signs that the mortar is wearing? Check the bricks of the chimney stack paying particular attention to the side that faces the prevailing wind.

Thatch. Look for any signs of moss or dark patches as both can be signs that water isn’t draining well or that your thatch needs repair. Is the wire netting looking loose anywhere? This can be a sign that the thatch is beginning to age. Pay particular attention to the ridgeline and area around any chimneys, these areas can need replacing more than others.


Blocked gutters can unfortunately lead to damp ingress, so it is important to get your gutters cleaned out of any debris that is likely to have collected over the summer period. Investing in a wire balloon or leaf guard can prevent leaves from clogging the downpipes.

Cast-iron downpipes

If you have an older or heritage home your cast-iron pipework will require regular painting to prevent rust.


Clearing the way for water to run freely is the main aim as the seasons change. Ground level drains should be free from weeds, leaves and debris to avoid water build-up which can lead to damp, and in a worst-case scenario – subsidence!


For those of you with windows beginning to rattle in their wooden frame you can easily fix any gaps in the timber with caulking. This will help prevent drafts and as an added bonus reduce your heating bill! Painting the joinery and treating the hardwood is an essential part of your maintenance routine to keep weathering at bay.

If you have a home with lead windows, it may be advisable to get an expert in. Working with soldering and some toxic materials isn’t for the untrained, particularly if your home is listed. If you need further advice on this, please call Lloyd & Whyte for advice

Outside Taps

With the first frost on its way it’s essential to lag any outside taps and pipework. Burst pipes during the winter months can be avoided by ensuring they are given extra protection against the elements.


When did you last have your boiler and heating system serviced? An annual check-up will give you peace of mind that all is running smoothly for the future colder months.


It’s time to book in your chimney sweep who will ensure the flue is free from birds’ nests and debris before you lay the first fire of the season.

Bonfire Season

Just a helpful reminder that when burning garden waste, it is good practice to be at least 50 metres away from your home.  (If you are Thatch homeowner please remember this is very likely to be a policy condition so please take extra care.)  Having buckets of water and/or a hosepipe to hand is also advisable. It is also worth remembering that burning any material that will have fly away embers is high risk if you own a thatched roof.

If you have any further questions about the making your home winter-ready then please do give us a call. As NAHT’s chosen insurance provider we are here to offer our expertise to you.

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