Inspiring Leadership Conf MGM February CPD

Over 1,300 head teachers and senior leaders of education come together each year to listen to the awe-inspiring stories from the world of business, sport, the arts and of course, education.

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A long and healthy retirement sounds great, doesn’t it?

It’s certainly a goal many of us hope to achieve in the future. And thanks to rising life expectancy, there’s a possibility your retirement could last 30 years – or beyond.

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Over the last year, some of us may have actually benefitted from not going out, going on holiday or spending like we used to. As it’s meant more money saved, which could be put towards a brighter financial future. As normality starts to return this year, it’s worth thinking about how you could put any extra savings you have built up to good use towards a brighter future. 

At NAHT Personal Financial Services, we’re here to help you identify and work towards your goals through no-obligation financial advice.

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