Education Support’s new mental health and well-being hub ‘Taking Care of Teachers’

Creating a culture that will drive positive mental health outcomes is essential for any school seeking to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of its staff.

No one can do their best if they are mentally and emotionally depleted. A school which provides psychological safety:

  • supports its staff by reducing stress where it can
  • helps staff feel valued and able to have open conversations
  • enables staff to say ‘no’ if struggling without fear of the consequences

This is a workplace where staff are in a place to do their jobs well.

Whilst external pressures cannot be controlled, creating the right culture in your school will improve staff wellbeing, making it easier to recruit and retain high-performing staff.

Our Director of Programmes, Faye McGuiness has 5 key tips:


1. Listen to staff

All people feel appreciated if they feel heard. There may not be immediate solutions to every problem, but feeling listened to and understood are essential first steps to improved wellbeing. How can your school make sure staff feel heard? It might be a staff survey or regular ways to check in informally with how staff are feeling.


2. Make a plan

Once you’ve listened to staff, you can demonstrate you’re taking action where it’s possible. This shows that concerns are being taken seriously and that time and effort is being put into addressing reasonable ones.


3. Create an open culture

Staff need to feel able to talk safely and openly about any challenges and issues they may have. School staff need to feel able to ask questions, or disagree. A safe and open culture where that’s possible can have a big impact on morale and individual wellbeing.


4. Invest in line managers’ skills

Managers need to be supported to develop the skills needed to support others. They need to know how best to support their teams and have the necessary skills to feel confident having conversations about mental health.


5. Support people when they’re not at their best

This is the ultimate sign of appreciation. Staff need to know that their employer will support them in tough times. A recognition that we are human and all have times when we aren’t at our best can be the difference between a talented teacher staying at a school or leaving.


Education Support’s new mental health and well-being hub ‘Taking Care of Teachers’ gives you the tools to create a school culture that prioritises the mental health and well-being of teachers and all staff in your school.

Here are three key resources to help you get started:

Get ready for September. Check out Taking Care of Teachers, mental health and well-being hub. Funded by Welsh Government.

Finally, don’t forget all NAHT members can access a dedicated, confidential counselling and support helpline on 0800 9174055 provided by Education Support.  Open 24/7, it is staffed by qualified counsellors and offers you emotional and practical support.


About Education Support

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