Preparing for retirement? How expert advice could make a difference

Since receiving advice, NAHT member Simon feels better about his future

“I want to feel financially secure in retirement – so that I can relax, spend time with my family, and do the things I enjoy.”

Simon’s words certainly resonate with many of us. It’s because of these goals that he turned to us for help with his retirement plans.

Currently semi-retired, Simon spent 19 years as a school leader. Like you, he’s had his fair share of decision-making, task-juggling and looking after others. Now it’s time for him to wind down – and start looking forward to the future.

“Great advice on what to do with my money”

NAHT Personal Financial Services is provided by Skipton Building Society. They’ve been helping Simon prepare for retirement through accessible financial advice – and have supported him with a range of key financial planning needs.

“First, Skipton looked at how I could best use some of the money I’d saved up over the years.” Simon recalls. “Secondly, they gave me advice on my existing plans.

“And thirdly, I recently inherited some money after my dad passed away. I didn’t want to spend it, I wanted to invest it for the future. Skipton have been very good at advising me on what to do with it.”

“He listens to what I want”

Supporting Simon at the very forefront of our service is Lloyd – one of Skipton’s highly qualified financial advisers. Lloyd devotes much of his time working alongside NAHT – helping our members with their financial plans.

Through our financial review process, Simon and Lloyd have formed a strong, trusting relationship. Simon adds, “Lloyd has been the face I’ve dealt with throughout – he’s very good. He’s always really helpful and approachable. He listens to what I want, analyses – and makes great suggestions. I know I can ask him whatever I need to.”

Simon continues, “Recently markets have gone down – and Lloyd has always been very clear about the element of risk when investing your money. He’s brilliant at recognising my view of risk – and he’s acted on that accordingly.”

Skipton’s financial reviews are a great opportunity to get to know you, understand what you want from retirement – and look at your existing plans. They’ll help work out the income you might need in retirement, and whether your plans are on track. They’ll also help build a financial plan that’s right for you.

“I feel like I’m in the driving seat”

Their no pressure promise means you’re under no obligation to take their advice. After presenting you with personalised recommendations, you’ll be given time to decide what’s right for you.

“Lloyd wasn’t pushy at all.” Simon confirms. “He makes me feel like I’m driving the process rather than him. He advises and it’s up to me if I want to go ahead or not.” Another great thing about Skipton is that you don’t have to pay anything to hear their recommendations. A charge will only apply if you choose to act on their advice.

Satisfied with Skipton’s service, Simon has already recommended them to friends. “I’ve found Skipton really good. A couple of people looking to retire, who I’ve previously worked with, have approached me about what I’ve done. I’ve told them to go through NAHT and get Skipton’s financial advice.”

Reflecting on how confident he feels over his finances, Simon beams, “I now have someone I can turn to for advice, to help me keep on top of my finances. Each year, I know that I can go to Lloyd and the team at Skipton, review my plans to see where I am – and tweak them if needed.” For an ongoing fee, Skipton offer a personalised service which allows them to review your plans each year and keep you in the loop. This can be cancelled at any time.

It’s free to find out more

Through a free initial phone consultation, find out if you could benefit from Skipton’s advice.

Skipton offer financial advice to anyone with £20,000 to invest, or at least £500 per month or £400 per month for pension related investments. Or have an existing pension (s) with a minimum value of £50,000.


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Stock market based investments are not like Building Society savings accounts as your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invested. The value of your investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise.


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Written by: Skipton Building Society
Published on: 31 May 2022