School Leaders – Top ten well-being tips!

School Leaders’ well-being

It’s well-documented that well-being improves staff attendance, performance and outcomes – so here are our ‘top ten well-being tips’ for you as you approach the Easter break:


At work

  • Pop a daily break into your diary first and then plan your work around it
  • Go walkabout – you’ll get to meet colleagues and pupils and stretch your legs too
  • If you don’t feel well, go home, get better, and get your deputy to deputise
  • Make ‘well-being’ one of your performance management objectives


At home

  • Plan your weekend so that you get the best out of it
  • Manage your health and wealth (give em both an MOT!)
  • Plan your next holiday – it’s fun to do and something to look forward to
  • If your bed is old and tired, buy a new one to ensure you sleep as well as possible



  • Build simple exercise into your daily routine, something you enjoy doing
  • Keep hydrated and try to eat healthily [you’re allowed an Easter egg!]


Stay alert to Voltaire’s quote “Perfect is the enemy of good”


Read our free NAHT Discovery Education Pathway ‘Guide to your well-being’

School Leaders: a guide to your wellbeing


Explore our free well-being events


Put yours’ and your team’s wellbeing first with NAHT Discovery Education Pathway

We believe as educators your wellbeing, motivation and creative ambitions deserve as much consideration as your professional skills. Offering a fresh approach to CPD, NAHT Discovery Education Pathway is a holistic programme that supports the continuous professional empowerment of teachers and leaders in today’s schools.

Pathway’s unique Wellbeing Programme is designed to help you to look after yourself while the Advice Hub addresses your concerns around policies, dates and deadlines.

Pathway’s online wellbeing programme will:

  • equip staff with the tools and knowledge they need to manage their own wellbeing, while contributing to whole-school initiatives,
  • establish a caring culture in your staff, with greater understanding of what welbeing is, and what it is not,
  • give reliable and trusted advice on a whole range of leadership and governance issues – you won’t miss deadlines and policy changes with up-to-date statutory guidance,
  • reduce stress and pre-empt problems by having the right advice when you need it most, including an extensive bank of HR advice pieces.

“Discovery Education Pathway has been an extremely useful and thought-provoking part of my own CPD this year. The video content is engaging and each course lets me progress at my own pace – whether than be an afternoon, hour or five minutes out of my usual day. I would recommend Discovery Education Pathway for anyone who wants to develop their own CPD through a comprehensive and engaging resource where everything is one easy accessible place.”

Deputy head teacher, County Durham