Teaching: the new reality – A new report by Education Support

Education Support’s latest report, ‘Teaching: the new reality’, shows that the job that teachers are currently trained for does not match the daily reality of providing emotional and practical support to children and young people.

If this continues, a generation of talented and dedicated staff will burnout, and the lives and education of children and young people will be affected.

Education Support’s research, carried out in conjunction with YouGov, shows that the roles of teachers and education staff are expanding. The added responsibilities affect staff mental health and well-being, which ultimately has an impact on children and young people’s education.

Key findings of our report include:

  • 62% reported offering increased amounts of emotional support to pupils since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 62% reporting that pupil behaviour takes up more time
  • 50% reported being more likely to be supporting staff and colleagues with their emotional wellbeing
  • 71% of all staff told us their additional responsibilities have had a negative impact on their mental health
  • 71% of all staff stated they were emotionally exhausted
  • 66% of all staff feel little or no support is offered to their pupils by public bodies (such as social services, CAMHS and the NHS)

This occurs in the wider context of a cost of living crisis and rising mental health challenges among children and young people. While teachers and education staff are rising to the new challenges, a significant number report feeling under prepared to take on these new responsibilities.

Education Support’s findings paint a picture of an education system – and wider public services – that are struggling to meet the level of need required by children and young people, and therefore limiting their life chances.

About Education Support

Working in partnership with organisations like the NAHT, Education Support help individuals and support schools and colleges to improve the mental health and well-being of their staff.

As an NAHT member, you can access a dedicated, confidential counselling and support helpline on 0800 9174055 provided by Education Support. Open 24/7, it is staffed by qualified counsellors and offers you emotional and practical support.