Urgent appeal from Education Support

Urgent appeal – can you help keep teaching staff in their homes?

We’re all feeling the pinch from the rising cost of living. The increase of fuel to almost £2.00 per litre and household bills hiking up impacts most of us. For some, the cost of living crisis is turning into the cost of survival, with some teaching staff at real risk of losing their homes.

Education Support – the only UK-based charity providing emotional and financial support to education staff – told us that they receive heart-breaking calls every single day. These calls have become more frequent since the cost of living crisis hit our nation a few months ago.

“The cost of living crisis has led many in desperate need of support for essential expenses, such as food, fuel and help with rent, to our grants service.

“In just three months this year, grants for utility bills are eight times higher than last year, grants for food and covering council tax have doubled and housing cost grants have risen by 40 percent.”

Grants Caseworker, Education Support

Education Support receives grant applications from teachers and support staff – some have desperate personal circumstances to deal with – such as domestic abuse – and come to the charity as a last resort, needing emergency support.

How you can help

Grants are completely funded by donations, and with the increased demand on services, the charity need your help now more than ever.

Just a small donation – £5 – could help to support a teaching assistant or newly qualified teacher in times of emotional and financial hardship. A donation today could have an immediate impact on someone’s life.

Donate now here

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About Education Support

Education Support is the only UK charity dedicated to the mental health and wellbeing of education staff. For more information about their services, visit educationsupport.org.uk


Written by Education Support
Published on: 12 August 2022