Bring the world into your classroom with Lyfta

Looking for a powerful way to enrich the curriculum with diverse narratives?

Lyfta is an award-winning digital learning platform that broadens horizons, nurtures empathy, inspires global citizenship, and brings learning to life. Invite your students to explore the world and discover powerful human stories, delivered through immersive 360° spaces, rich media content and powerful short documentary films.

Our immersive stories come from across the globe and feature many different slices of life – students can experience stories from activists in Hong Kong, and indigenous tribes in Peru, to urban beekeepers in Berlin and ballerinas in Finland. With 52 storyworlds currently on the platform, they can go visit somewhere new every week.  These immersive stories, along with carefully designed lesson plans and resources, challenge stereotypes and spark rich discussion on a range of topics in the classroom.


You don’t have to take our word for it though, hear from our teachers:

“Lyfta is a wonderful way to explore and gain a global perspective from your classroom. The platform provides opportunities for discussions about how we are united by similar concerns and at the same time it is a celebration of cultural differences.”

Jacqueline Merry, Year 1 Teacher at Seascale Primary School


“There is nothing else that allows you to do this. Lyfta is a game-changer.”

Dr Jeremy Hannay, Headteacher of Three Bridges School


“Lyfta opens up new opportunities and worlds to the children, embracing a sense of global neighbourhood, and is a really accessible, quality and useful tool.”

Clare Berryman, Headteacher at Salesbury Church of England Primary School


I have been blown away by what Lyfta has put together. This is a fantastic platform that can be used across all subject areas. The significant impact on student personal development is huge and for me being able to show our students what diversity truly looks like, Lyfta certainly does that. The stories are wonderful and emotive, giving students the opportunity to be part of the lives of strangers they will meet around the globe..”

Associate Assistant Vice Principal at Dixons MacMillan Academy


See how teachers around the UK are using Lyfta to bring learning to life in their classrooms in our impact case studies:


Teaching inclusion and diversity have been a key part of Cradle Hill Primary’s use of Lyfta. Teacher Sarah describes how Lyfta has opened up the world to her pupils: “I have found the immersion itself incredibly important when fostering an inclusive attitude and developing a welcoming society. As Michelle Obama once said: ‘I’ve learned it’s harder to hate up close’.” Learn more about how Cradle Hill Primary fostered inclusion using Lyfta.


Lyfta’s immersive storyworlds provide an ideal basis for planning lessons and assemblies that inspire pupils with meaningful discussion around positive values. Brookfield Primary Academy used Lyfta for an assembly on perseverance and Vice Principal Rachel describes the long term impact: “My children are really encouraging towards each other and enforce the message of keeping going, not giving up and that it is good to try new things…In a Maths lesson, one child was becoming really stressed by a task, they began to get overwhelmed and before I went over, a child on their table reassured them and said that it was ok to make mistakes and to not understand it yet – they talked about having a growth mindset and persevering.” Learn more about Brookfield Primary academy’s experience with Lyfta.


St Laurence C of E Primary in Nottingham used Lyfta and some innovative planning to bring the complex topic of sustainability to life across the whole school during the covid-19 pandemic. Teacher Alex commented: The children were all really engaged…not only did we have some brilliant activities but some of the recommendations (for creating a more sustainable school) were excellent.” Learn more about St Laurence’s whole school sustainability project.


Start broadening your students’ horizons today with instant access to 2 immersive Lyfta storyworlds when you create a free account here.


Written by: Lyfta
Date published: 19 January 2022