FlashAcademy now has 47 Home Languages!

NAHT partner and leading EdTech company, FlashAcademy, have just announced that they now have 47 home languages available for selection, after recently adding Dari, alongside Pashto, to support pupils arriving from Afghanistan.

Now pupils arriving from Afghanistan will be able to use FlashAcademy to learn English, using Dari and Pashto (the two main languages of Afghanistan), to help them to settle into their new school by learning important survival language, which will help them to communicate with their peers. The platform also teaches pupils curriculum vocabulary, grammar, handwriting and much more.

FlashAcademy is an easy-to-use platform that has been developed to help students with English as an additional language (EAL) to break down language barriers and improve their English proficiency level, ultimately opening up their pathways later in life. The app does this through an interactive experience and gamified content, helping pupils to stay engaged when it comes to learning.

The platform can be used both remotely and, in the classroom, enabling teachers to set pupils’ homework on the app, to continue improving their English proficiency at home. Teachers can also choose specific lessons for pupils to complete at home, so they can learn curriculum vocabulary ahead of a lesson and can attend the lesson with a basic understanding of the vocabulary beforehand, allowing them to be fully engaged.

It also includes integrated features such as the new digital EAL proficiency assessment tool, designed to save teachers time, the digital tool enables teachers to initially assess pupils of all levels and determine their proficiency level. The assessment tool also allows teachers to set and track work at the correct level, as well as letting pupils complete the assessment at their own pace, either in one sitting, or doing one task at a time.

To find out more, visit the FlashAcademy website.