Track your pupils progress over time with FlashAcademy’s teacher dashboard

With the numbers of pupils with English as an additional language (EAL) currently at 1.6 million, many educators will be facing the challenge of how to engage pupils who do not have English as their first language. To address these struggles that teachers are facing, NAHT partner, FlashAcademy, was founded in 2016, in order to help pupils break down language barriers. The easy-to-use platform helps to teach student English through fun and engaging content, such as word games and interactive activities.

Just one of FlashAcademy’s features include a teacher dashboard, a tool which enables teachers to have oversight of all students’ development. Using this, teachers can track pupils progress in one place, both at an individual and classroom level and can use this information to share with parents, SLT and Ofsted, saving them time and enabling them to share students’ growth.

The teacher dashboard also enables educators to set both work and homework via the dashboard that can be tailored to each child. Pupils are then able to use FlashAcademy in the classroom, or take it home and learn English wherever they are, perfect for both in class and remote learning.

Furthermore, there are brilliant tools available within the dashboard which helps to encourage students and empower them to continue to learn, such as the live leader-board, which shows pupils usage and progress, helping class engagement. As well as providing ready-made certificates that can be awarded to pupils, acknowledging their hard work.

The Teacher Dashboard like the FlashAcademy App, is accessible on all devices, including a PC, tablet or smartphone, so you can check in on how students are doing and set work at any time. FlashAcademy is available in 47 different home languages and has been shown to double the rate at which school learners progress with their English proficiency.

To find out more, visit FlashAcademy and find out how to support your EAL pupils and teachers.