School Leaders’ well-being

School Leaders’ well-being

Here are our top 20 well-being tips for you, whether you’re in school or at home

In school

  • Pop a daily break into your diary first and then plan your work around it!
  • ‘Let go’ and delegate actions to those around you and / or ask them for help
  • Walkabout: you get to meet staff and pupils and stretch your legs
  • If you don’t feel well, go home, get better and get your deputy to deputise!
  • Use your GP/occupational health service to support you and your return to work
  • Build well-being into CPD for the SLT, teaching and support staff
  • Make well-being one of your performance management objectives
  • Build in 10 minutes to reflect on your day
  • Remember why well-being is important: it improves staff attendance, performance, and outcomes
  • You lead and model behaviour so your approach can lift the well-being of others around you


At home

  • Plan your weekend so that you can use the time to best effect
  • Spend time with family and friends to help build a network of support
  • Build exercise into your daily routine, something you enjoy doing
  • Try to eat healthily
  • Consider taking up a new hobby, interest or refreshing an old skill
  • Manage your health: GP; dentist; opticians (give yourself an MOT!)
  • Get your personal finances and affairs [including your pension!] in order
  • Plan your holidays – it’s fun to do and something to look forward to
  • If you have an old bed, buy a new one, to ensure you sleep as well as possible
  • Embed simple and unconditional well-being into your daily routine

Stay alert to Voltaire’s quote “Perfect is the enemy of good!”