5 surprising stats from the 2022 State of Hybrid Work UK Report

This spring, Owl Labs partnered with Vitreous World to take a deep dive into how employees across the UK feel about remote and hybrid work. Responses revealed that flexibility has become a key priority and expectation for employees.

What else did we find? Here are 5 stats from our State of Hybrid Work 2022: UK Report.

  1. One-third (31%) of employees changed jobs in past two years

Of those who didn’t change jobs, an additional 25% more are seeking a new opportunity this year. Adapting to employee needs is crucial to retain talent.

  1. The top benefits that would convince employees to stay: 4-day work weeks (42%) + flexible hours (41%)

In today’s working world, employees want the autonomy to do work on their own time. This may look different for every business, but flexibility in both working hours and location is a popular choice, and hybrid meetings can be a great tool to accomplish this without compromising communication.

  1. 81% of workers feel they are just as, or more, productive while working remotely compared to working from the office

The numbers are clear: employees feel just as productive working from anywhere. While there is room for improvement in creating the most inclusive, efficient, hybrid work model to best support employee collaboration, it is an effort well worth taking to ensure employee satisfaction.

  1. 47% of employees believe there is proximity bias in the workplace

Despite employee preference for flexible work, many employees worry they will miss out by working remotely. With the right kind of inclusive tech, like the Meeting Owl Pro, employers can prove their commitment to supporting and retaining workers.

  1. 20% of employees are concerned that their employer won’t adapt their current offices to better suit hybrid work or provide suitable tech

A workplace that can’t adapt is a huge red flag for employees invested in the long-term. Outdated policies and tech make it difficult to do a good job, especially as many companies shift more to hybrid and remote work, where having the right tech makes all the difference.


View our full State of Hybrid Work 2022: UK report for more information on how employees envision their future in the workplace.


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Written by: Owl Labs
Published: 14 July 2022